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                    Noi’s Fondant

 12 oz.     Vanilla flavor Guittard Melt ‘n Mold 
                 (or any white summer coating)
¼ cup      Light Karo syrup
2 lbs.       Powdered sugar (can be sifted)
2 tsp.       Tylose or CMC
½ cup      Shortening (Crisco melted)
½ cup      Light Karo syrup (do not substitute)
2 tsp.       Glycerin
2 tsp.       Flavoring (Crème Bouquet, Lemon Oil, etc)
2 tsp.       **Agar-Agar** powdered ( found in oriental or health food stores.
                 See note **)
3-4 Tbsp Hot water

 Melt summer coating as direction on package; add ¼ cup Karo syrup.
Stir until mix together. Set aside to cool. This is basic candy clay recipe.
*** One recipe of candy clay will make 2 batches of this fondant recipe ***

 Place powdered sugar and Tylose in KitchenAid mixing bowl (or any stand mixer), make a well in center.
Melt Crisco in microwave on high about 45-60 seconds.
Add items number Karo syrup, glycerin, and flavoring to melted shortening - stir to combine.
Dissolve Agar-Agar powdered in hot water.
 Pour shortening mixture and dissolved Agar-agar in center of mixing bowl. Attach dough hook and mix on low until mixture gets soft. Add half of candy clay to the dough and mix about 30 seconds more.
 Place dough on counter top; knead by hands until soft and pliable.
  Cover and let set over night.

 **NOTE: Gelatin is made from animal by- products. Agar-Agar powdered is made from plants**
If you cannot find Agar-Agar, use the Buttercream/ Fondant recipe from Carol Webb of Elegant Lace.
Any questions please contact me.
Noi Wegiel



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